Flat Mushrooms

Flat mushrooms are sometimes called 'field' or "barbeque' mushrooms. They are the biggest mushroom in the white mushroom family. They can grow in size to be over 10cm's in diameter. As mushrooms mature, they flatten and open, revealing their gills underneath. This gives the mushroom a softer texture and a much richer umami flavour. Flat mushrooms are best used when you want the richest mushroom flavour in your meal and the darkest colour in sauces.

Did you know? Flat mushrooms are the same mushroom as a little button or a white cup mushroom, it was simply left on the growing bed to get bigger and bigger!  


How to prepare:

  • Do not peel! 
  • Wipe with a damp cloth if needed.
  • Leave whole, brush with olive oil & BBQ. 
  • Stuff with filling and bake.
  • Crumb me whole and shallow fry.
  • Cook then blend me for soups and sauces.
  • Fine dice me and add to mince for The Blend!


As the flat mushroom is a mature mushroom, the umami flavour has enhanced, giving this mushroom a rich and bold flavour. Flat mushrooms are much softer in texture than their younger version, the white cup. With the dark gills exposed, they also provide a lovely dark colour to your dish.


Flat mushrooms are the same as a little white button mushroom (sometimes called a champignon), and the same as a mushroom cup, it's just allowed to grow longer.  All the mushroom growers needs to do is harvest the mushrooms a few days later. (Pretty cool huh?)