Applications are now open for the Mushrooms in Schools program!  

Are you an Australian primary school teacher of grades 3 or 4?  Please apply below. 

We will review applications against the program criteria and notify you of next steps in the coming weeks.

About the Mushrooms in Schools program.  

Mushrooms kits are the perfect tool for classroom learning, as your students can easily grow and harvest mushrooms in a matter of weeks! 

Through the Mushrooms in Schools program, teachers will receive 10 free lesson plans, enough for the whole school term and FREE mushroom kits for their classroom. The shared mushroom kits encourage teamwork and group learning, and over a few weeks of carefully growing and harvesting, there should be enough mushrooms for each student to cook and eat.

Mushroom kits are around half the size of a student’s desk. There is no need for special garden beds or change to school infrastructure, all you will need is a water spray bottle to keep the mushrooms wet. Everything else is provided! 

Kits will be sent to schools in the first week of term three.
We're excited to share free resources to assist in-class learning for primary schools, and want to ensure involved classes can nurtue and care for their kits throughout term three, so that they produce healthy, delicious mushrooms!

Each mushroom kit includes:



Recyclable box containing compost, casing and spawn - everything you need for the mushrooms to grow!


10 FREE LESSON PLANS enough for a whole school term


Step-by-step instructions


Brown paper bags, ready for harvest time


Mushroom manuals for the students, with recipes and nutritional information


Downloadable certificate of completion for the students


*All you will need is a water spray bottle, to water the mushrooms.

    Did you know that mushrooms DOUBLE in size every day?

    Your students will be excited to return to class and see how BIG their mushrooms have grown overnight!

    This quick cultivation period encourages students to stay engaged and feel a sense of pride as they take their fresh mushrooms home for dinner.

    Apply for the 'Mushrooms in Schools' program.


    Please apply for the 'Mushrooms in Schools' program by filling in the below form.

    We'll then keep you updated on next steps and confirmations.  Mushroom kits will be distributed to schools at the beginning of term three, for activation throughout term three.

    In the meantime, make sure you check out our lesson plans, which are free to download and use anytime! Thank you for your involvement.