The Australian Mushroom Growers Association (AMGA) is the industry representative body, lobbying on behalf of its members whether you are a grower, wholesaler, or you provide services along the supply chain.  For the mushroom industry and its individual businesses to continue to grow, we need a strong national unity.  We work closely with all stakeholders to ensure our collective voice is heard.

AMGA members have a direct say in the future of the mushroom industry and access to the benefits and resources our association provides.

Members of the AMGA receive the following benefits:

  • A copy of the Australian Mushroom Industry Best Practice Guide
  • Four copies of the AMGA Journal and MushroomLink Magazine, delivered as a hard copy every quarter.
  • A copy of the AMGA Member Directory.     
  • Regular industry e-newsletters and industry updates.
  • Free/discounted workshops and other professional development opportunities.
  • Discounted rates for the bi-annual AMGA Conference. 
  • Access to one free suite of farm testing per year. 
  • Access to the member only portal of the AMGA website, which contains educational webinar recordings, a library of resources and research reports, library of AMGA Journals and much more. 

We encourage applications for membership, but please note an AMGA member must refer you.  All memberships are board approved.

AMGA welcomes new members who are:

  • Growers
  • Wholesalers
  • Farm input suppliers

The AMGA has different levels of membership available, ranging in price from $40 -$100 annually.

For more information please contact Leah Bramich, AMGA Relationships and General Manager on 0457 440 298