This Mushroom Library provides video resources in support of the Mushrooms in Schools program and to assist primary school teachers educate students about mushrooms.


Mushroom Growing Process

Watch a time lapse of mushrooms growing from pinning stage, to full mushrooms.

Explore an interactive 360° virtual farm tour of a Canadian mushroom farm.

Take a tour of SA Mushrooms farm to see the mushroom growing process.

Dr Noel Arrold at Li-Sun Exotic Mushrooms shows you inside his mushroom tunnels.

Meet a Western Australia mushroom farmer who supplies to Woolworths.

The Garden Gurus take a look at how exotic mushrooms are grown.

Making compost for mushrooms.

Growing and picking mushrooms.

Packing and Distribution

NB: The three videos above are from Northway Mushrooms in Ireland. Our equipment and process are slightly different here in Australia, however these videos give a good general indication of the mushroom growing process. 

Videos for Kids

Meet Jess, an Australian Mushroom farmer who is embracing new technology.

Eddie Woo and the Fun Guys explore how mushrooms are grown.

Why mushrooms are AWESOME!

Innovative New Mycelium Products

Scientists are researching how mycelium could be used to create new materials, like metal and plastic.

Making leather out of mushrooms.

Mushroom leather is now being used in high-end fashion.

Mushroom Art

Simple paper craft activity to make a paper mushroom.

How to fold an origami mushroom.

How to make an 8 page mushroom information booklet.