AMGA does not encourage wild mushroom foraging.


Wild foraging is extremely dangerous, unless you are with a qualified mycologist (a fungi specialist).

Throughout the year, and particularly more prevalent in the cooler months, mushrooms of all shapes and sizes can be found popping up in forests, paddocks or even back gardens all over Australia. Some wild mushrooms look quite similar to ordinary mushrooms that you find in a store, but in fact could be poisonous or deadly. It is very difficult, even for an expert, to identify wild mushroom varieties suitable for consumption. It's simply not worth the risk. 

AMGA recommends consumers purchase Australian grown mushrooms though retailers or suitable farmers markets. Mushrooms grown commercially are high quality and grown under strict Food Safety Policies. Not only will this ensure the mushrooms are safe to eat, but will ensure the mushrooms are of the highest quality.


Australian Grown Mushroom Varieties