Shimeji Mushrooms

Shimejii mushroom

The Shimeji mushroom (sometimes called a beech mushroom) originates from Japan, where it is found growing on fallen oak, beech or elm trees. Shimeji grown in Australia have small grey to brown caps, which become paler as the mushroom matures. Shimeji mushrooms grow in clumps which are usually separated before cooking. With a firm texture and a meaty but sweet nutty flavour, shimeji are perfect for a stir-fry as the hero of the dish, or added whole to soups, salads or pasta. 

How to prepare:

  • Wipe with damp cloth if needed
  • Separate from clumps at the base
  • Add to stir-fry's with your favourite sauce


Shimeji mushrooms have a meaty texture, with a sweet nutty flavour. They love sauce and are fantastic in a simple stir-fry.