National coverage for National Mushroom Day


Australia’s National Mushroom Day was celebrated on Thursday 15th October 2020. This special day of the year is our chance to put mushrooms in the media spotlight. Mushrooms are quite unique, in that they are not a fruit or a vegetable, they are FUNGI and as such, they grow in a very unique way. Apart from tasting great, Mushrooms have unique health benefits, all of which we aim to highlight on National Mushroom Day.

This year, our focus for National Mushroom Day was to promote the health benefits of mushrooms, in particular, mushrooms ability to produce Vitamin D. This important vitamin is known to assist us absorb calcium, which is great for our bones and teeth, but recent research is also proving Vitamin D to assist with our respiratory system and immunity. One in four Australians are reported to be Vitamin D deficiency and considering the nation has been experiencing lockdowns and we have just come out of winter, Vitamin D is particularly important in all of our diets.

National Mushroom Day on Studio 10


To help us spread this message and share some delicious mushroom recipes, the Australian Mushroom Growers Association commissioned Dr. Flavia Fayet-Moore from Nutrition Research Australia, to appear on Studio 10, alongside chef Matt Donovan. Flavia is currently immersed in mushroom research and health professional advocacy for Australian Mushrooms. She took the opportunity to explain the process of how just 3 mushrooms a day can provide 100% of our daily vitamin D needs. Put simply, if you take your store-bought mushrooms and place them in the sun for just 15 minutes, your mushrooms will convert vitamin D in a similar process as our skin. This process is referred to as “tanning your mushrooms” with the mushrooms absorbing the Vitamin D, without effecting the mushrooms look or taste. What is even more impressive, is these new, supercharged vitamin D levels remain in the mushroom for up to a week if stored in the fridge and mostly remain through the cooking process.

With the help of our social media influencer connections, this message of vitamin D were echoed throughout Facebook and Instagram. Australian Mushrooms gave mushroom lovers the opportunity to win a Weber Q, simply by sharing a picture of their National Mushroom day mushroom dish, either home cooked or at a restaurant and sharing the hashtag #NationalMushroomDay. 


SA Mushrooms’ partnered with local organization ‘Pick a Local. Pick SA!’ to create a very exciting Facebook Live cook-off, featuring two former MasterChef contestants, Mandy Hall and Helen “The Greek Vegetarian”. Over an hour long live social media broadcast, the pair each cooked a unique mushroom dish. The live stream also gave the viewers the opportunity to ask the contestants questions. 

Mushroom Growers around the country joined the celebrations by taking the opportunity show their staff appreciation for all their hard work, by hosting mushroom day BBQ’s.

Costa Mushrooms (pictured) treated their staff to stuffed mushrooms and delicious mushroom and chorizo kababs, with a vegetarian option.  

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2. Aldi On pack stickers

Partnering with key growers who supply Aldi supermarkets nationwide, 675,000 stickers will be applied to white and brown mushroom punnets, promoting the Scan to Win competition. Last year 2,695 Stickers were scanned via specially marked Aldi mushroom packs, and we are hoping for a greater uptake this year.

3. ‘A Better Choice’ Marketing Partnership

Partnering with A Better Choice we will reach independent grower networks and consumers in a partnership package that includes:

  • In-store activations of 50 Retail Stores Total (NSW, VIC and SA)
    • Activation includes installation and reporting of on-shelf POS items including shelf wobblers, recipe cards, A3 posters.
    • Includes Print and distribution of POS items
  • 2 x Mushroom Retail Store Cooking Events (VIC, SA) – with Celebrity chef Callum Hann
    • A better choice! Sampling Staff Member in attendance
    • Boosting of 3 x Social Media Posts
  • Consumer Magazine Advertising
    • 1 x 5-Page Section in Autumn
  • Trade communications
    • 4 x EDM Features to all A better choice! Retailers
    • 2 x EDM Features in Central Market EDM’s
  • Consumer Communications
    • 8 x Banners Ads in Weekly Consumer EDM
    • 7 x Supporting Recipes in Consumer EDM
  • Social Media & Website
    • Social Media Feature Week
    • 14 x Mushroom Social Media Posts
    • All recipes loaded to ABC Website

 4. Dr. Emma Beckett interview on Australia’s #1 Parenting Podcast

Embracing the podcast phenomenon for busy Aussie parents, Dr Emma Becket, Australian mushroom nutrition scientist from FoodIQ Global, will be interviewed on Australia’s #1 Parenting Podcast Beyond the Bump, to talk about mushrooms important role in children’s nutrition, and how adopting The Blend as a ‘stealth health’ way to reduce meat intake and boost the nutritional value of everyday meaty meals, that kids will LOVE to eat.


5. Influencer Marketing –

Targeting foodies, parents and budget conscious consumers, we have locked in some of Australia’s favourite content creators such as @cookingwithalisha @danroberts and @thefoodarrondissemen – who will be creating content across platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Our aim for this tactic is mass engagement with mass uptake. We want the combined audiences to feel so inspired by the content that they head over to our Blenditarian website, find a recipe and cook it for their family that day!

Other campaign features include:

  • Updated website
  • Competition PR strategy
  • Nutritional PR strategy with AMGA Dietitian Jane Freeman
  • Marketing partnership with ‘A Better Choice’ to reach independent grower networks and consumers
  • A hefty Digital Marketing strategy, including:
    • Social ads
    • Google ads and re-marketing
    • Existing 50,000 Mushroom Lovers and Blenditarian database re-engaged
    • Educational email marketing journey
    • New Blenditarian Recipes

Please keep an eye out for a full campaign update via email and in the Winter edition of the AMGA Journal.