Where to find Australia’s Best Mushroom Pie 2021


We officially have a winner! Australia's BEST Mushroom Pie for 2021 was announced at the Baking Association of Australia (BAA) annual trade show in Sydney in May. The three-day event which included judging of the industry’s highly sought-after baking awards. 

The BAA competition attracted nearly 2000 entries from around the nation, with one lucky bakery being awarded the crowning glory of “Australia’s Best Pie” for 2021.

For the first time in BAA history, a new competition category ‘Australia’s Best MUSHROOM Pie’ was created for and sponsored by the Australian Mushroom Growers Association (AMGA), with bakers required to use fresh mushrooms.

The title was awarded to family owned and operated Country Cob Bakery in Victoria, with a mouth-watering ‘Mushroom Ragout Pie’, made with a medley of mushrooms including Swiss Brown, Portobello, King and mushroom cups; slow cooked in a mushroom stock to make a thick gravy, and of course, wrapped in perfectly cooked golden pastry. The pie is proof that a meat-free, VEGAN pie can be delicious!

Brothers, Ryan and Chan Khun, are struggling to find space in their trophy cabinet, after winning 5 of the 16 category titles in this year’s competition. They were also announced as winners of Plain Mince Beef, Flavoured Beef, Vegetarian, and the Apprentice Beef Pie categories, as well as receiving a host of silver medals. In previous years the Khun bothers have won the top title of ‘Australia’s Best Pie’ in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

AMGA Relationship and General Manager, Martine Poulain, said the new competition category was of great benefit to the mushroom industry. “We wanted to encourage bakers to think outside the steak and mushroom pie box, and see fresh mushrooms being used as the hero ingredient. The bakers did not disappoint!”

“We are seeing more and more Australians choosing a meat free or flexitarian diet, and bakers have a unique opportunity to cater for this customer by using fresh mushrooms. For anyone looking to reduce meat in their diets, Country Cob Bakery’s Mushroom Ragout pie is proof that you don’t have to give up pies all together, as meat-free mushroom pies truly are delicious.” She added. 

The BAA’s Executive Officer, Tony Smith explains the competition is more than just a delicious pie filling. “Our expert judging panel evaluate the whole pie, from its appearance and structure, the pastry thickness, colour and mouthfeel and the pie filling is judged on taste and overall creativity. Country Cob Bakery’s Mushroom Ragout pie was outstanding in all criteria.” Mr Smith said.

Ryan Khun of Country Cob Bakery is pleased with this year’s string of awards; however he explains that this year’s celebrations are a little different to previous years. “Usually when we announce we have won awards, we have a queue of customers out the door, which is not possible with the lockdown. But we have two Country Cob Bakery locations, in Kyneton and Boronia, so if you live in Melbourne’s CBD or in the local Kyneton area, we can deliver our award-winning pies to you. Just call the shop or visit our website to place your order!” Mr Khun said. 

You can find Country Cob Bakery in two locations in Kyneton and Boronia in Victoria. They also home deliver!
Visit www.countrycobbakery.com.au

Judging the Mushroom Pie category. 

Australia's best Mushroom Pie

The winning pie from Country Cob Bakery - Mushroom Ragout Pie.  

Warm pies, waiting to be judged.

AMGA Communications Manager, Leah Bramich, Chris and Kim Margin, from Margins Mushrooms and BAA Chairman, Tony Smith

The Mushroom Ragout Pie is made with a medly of 4 different mushrooms and a thick mushroom gravy.  

Mushroom Ragout Pies are available in store now. 

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